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3 Ingredients the Most Successful People Add To Their Morning Routine

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Want to learn more?
Want to learn more?

With the fast paced lives we live, gaining an edge can be the difference between success & failure. Nowhere is this more evident than in job performance, athletic performance, and working under pressure. Which is why looking to the most successful people in the world can sometimes provide insight into becoming a high-performing human being. What is it that these people know that the rest of us don’t?

Now I realize that most of us are not CEO’s or professional athletes. But what if we could take the secrets of their successful routines, and apply it in our own lives? What impact would this have on us?

Whether you’re looking to increase your productivity, achieve new health goals, or just give yourself an afternoon pick-me-up, this insider knowledge can help anyone. And I even tried them all on myself (I’ll share my results at the end). 

Below we take a look at the 3 things YOU can consume DAILY to give yourself an edge to better achieve your goals:

Natural Energy Sources

One of the most important things that successful people do to start their day is providing their body with a
natural, clean energy boost. If there are 2 things Americans are addicted to, it’s coffee & stress. (And sorry Starbucks, sugar and coffee is not the recipe for success). 

Alternative stimulants work far better than coffee when consumed in proper dosages. Sources such as green tea, which unlike coffee, provides energy while also calming the brain are an excellent source of natural energy. This is attributed to a combination of EGCG & L-theanine contained in green tea. Studies around EGCG have found it having an inflammation-calming effect on the brain, which allows the brain to perform at peak performance. Additionally, EGCG has been shown to promote fat loss in the body, while potentially lowering cholesterol. The amino acid, L-theanine has been found in 5 clinical studies to help relieve stress & anxiety. So while the rest of us get ourselves all jazzed up, only to later be paralyzed by stress, the most successful individuals make sure that they have clean energy sources that not only don’t add stress, but rather reduce it!

So put down the energy drinks that wear off quickly and leave you feeling exhausted & foggy, and pick up green tea from a quality source. After 1 week, you’ll feel equally energized with a clear mind and brighter outlook.


Starting Off your Day with Adaptogens

You’re probably asking yourself, what are Adaptogens? Adaptogens are active ingredients found in cacao, ashwagandha, and specific magical mushrooms (no, not those magic mushrooms!)

When life tests your limits, you need to be prepared. Stress, adversity, and daily goals will force you to deliver under pressure, and you need to be ready to perform at your best.

Adaptogens are one of the secret weapons that have been used in business circles going back to the early 1970’s. In the 1980’s they made it into professional sports when baseball players consumed medicinal teas prior to games to have better focus when batting. And in just the last few years, they’ve made it to the public!

Adaptogens also support other parts of brain function (including memory) while boosting energy levels. (If you’re noticing a trend here; it’s that you want to boost your energy while maintaining a calmness that allows for good decisions and quick reactions.)

Adaptogens give you that clear focus, increased mood, and enhanced energy all day long. 

Keep Your Microbiome In a Healthy Balance

The connection between your mind and gut is real, and nobody is talking about it enough! And when I say connected, I mean there is a literal connection between the 2 called your vagus nerve. There is a very real reason why you experience certain sensations (like butterflies) in your gut, even when they seem like they are brain reactions. If you’ve heard of the neurotransmitter serotonin, then you know that it plays a critical role in combatting anxiety & depression. A lack of serotonin is one of the most common causes of depression. The name “serotonin” is literally in the name of the most commonly prescribed class of medications, called SSRI’s (serotonin reuptake inhibitors). So the health of your gut has a huge impact in all areas of your health, and more people need to be prioritizing their gut health in order to thrive in other aspects of their life.

So what do you need to know? Your gut bacteria plays a huge role in your gut health and how you feel. And what happens when you don’t feed it properly? It gets out of balance! Your gut microbiome is made up of trillions of microorganisms that live inside your digestive system, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. A healthy microbiome has a balance of different types of microbes that work together in harmony. If one type becomes overpopulated or another type gets depleted too much, this could cause inflammation throughout the body, and produce suboptimal conditions for you to thrive.

So how can you keep your gut in balance? For starters, you can supplement it with quality probiotic strains. This ensures that your gut has a consistent supply of healthy bacteria that are more difficult to consume in your diet. The 2nd piece that most people miss, is that you also need quality sources of prebiotics. What are prebiotics? These are essentially food for the bacteria in your gut. And depending on which prebiotics you introduce, you could be feeding the bacteria that you want more of, or the ones that you actually want less of. So make sure you’re getting your prebiotics from a trusted source.

Why doesn’t everyone just add all these things to their diet?

The problem is, not only are they hard to find, but also they can get quite expensive. Going out to the store and sourcing all of this yourself can cost $100’s of dollars per month. After much research however, I was able to find a quality all-in-one source for all 3 of these daily additions to my diet. The product I went with was Terra Health Essentials Super Greens. (Don’t get scared off by the word “greens”, I promise it actually tastes quite good.) 

This particular greens formula crossed off all my checkmarks because:

  • It’s full of natural, sustainable energy that didn’t leave me feeling jittery and didn’t cause a crash. Just smooth, consistent energy. It includes high-quality green tea derived from macha (with highly bioavailable forms of EGCG & L-theanine). It also is packed with Green Coffee Bean Extract & White Tea to layer your energy levels throughout the day. 
  • The probiotic blend in the formula had more than sufficient levels of healthy bacteria, with high CFU’s (colony forming units) for increased effectiveness 
  • The prebiotic blend included Spirulina Algae, Sunflower Lecithin, and Flax Seeds (you know the expensive bulk items area of your local grocery store where you put the various ingredients in little bags and it ends up costing you $30 bucks for nothing? This is all that stuff).
  • The adaptogen blend is insane (and made me feel a little less insane). Maca, Cacao, Ashwagandha, & Reishi Mushrooms in one little scoop!
  • This doesn’t even account for all the vitamins & minerals, cell rejuvenating anti-oxidants, detox blend (for when you’re not feeling on your “A game”), and immune support (because who can perform when you feel like sh*t, right?)

I could keep going, but if you’re looking to take your morning routine to the next level, then I highly recommend Terra Health Super Greens. I’ve been taking it for 34 days now, and the energy & mental clarity it provides helped create so much positive momentum in my life already. I actually have the energy to want to work out. It satiates me through my morning, so I’m no longer eating unhealthy breakfast items. It took about 2 weeks, but I started seeing major shifts in my mood now. I literally feel like I could run through a brick wall.

I contacted the company, and told them that I’d be featuring their product in this story. So if you do decide to try it, use Coupon Code: SUCCESS and they will take 20% off your first order. 

Save 20% on your first purchase using the coupon code SUCCESS.

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