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Category: Reflux

How Jennifer Found Relief From Acid Reflux: A Personalized Approach

Jennifer’s journey began in 2019 when she started to experience dizzy spells and a persistent sore throat. Despite multiple doctor visits and a gallbladder removal recommended by a gastroenterologist, her symptoms got worse. When prescribed reflux medications, these further exacerbated her issues rather than resolving them. At this point, Jennifer decided to take a more

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Heartburn Heating Up? Swap the TUMS for ACV

Sometimes, you have to fight acid with acid. If you’ve been dealing with acid reflux and heartburn, you’ve probably been taking an acid blocker such as TUMS. Or an antacid like Nexium. However, these “solutions” often aren’t really solutions at all. They’re merely a short-term fix. Once you stop taking them, your heartburn comes back.

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Soothe & Stop the Burning In Your Throat

Why Your Throat is Burning and How to Fix it. If you suffer from acid reflux, you know that the burning throat pain can be so bad that you can’t swallow. It can even feel like sandpaper is being rubbed against your throat. The worst part is when it wakes you up at night feeling

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Client Journey Series: Shannon Hunt

Our lovely client Shannon is doing great on the Heartburn Relief Kit and finally breaking free from living a life with acid reflux.  Shannon started getting acid reflux symptoms around 2 years ago after a bad attack of heartburn landed her in the doctor’s office. It took a 4-hour wait in excruciating pain for Shannon

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Your Mom Said To Eat Your Greens!

Have you ever walked into a supplement store and instantly become bewildered at the array of options in front of you? Your list of symptoms suddenly seem to have 10 different solutions EACH and you’ve no idea where to start. So finally, you end up at the checkout with a basket full of bottles you’ll

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Terra Health Essentials Products: Your Questions Answered!

If you didn’t know yet (you know now!), we have a client Terra Health Essentials Facebook group packed with over 3k awesome members who support each other throughout their treatment plans. We’re super proud of this little community that’s growing more and more each day and we are SO thankful to the members who have helped

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