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Terra Health Essentials Products: Your Questions Answered!

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If you didn’t know yet (you know now!), we have a client Terra Health Essentials Facebook group packed with over 3k awesome members who support each other throughout their treatment plans. We’re super proud of this little community that’s growing more and more each day and we are SO thankful to the members who have helped to make that happen. It really is a great space to be in when you want to talk to others in the same boat and learn from their experiences too.

This month, we decided to do a Q&A in the group to find out what concerns people have and then put together a blog post for you all to utilize to get the most out of your treatment – whether you’re still thinking about starting or if you’ve already begun. If you’re in the group, you’ve likely already seen the post, but this will be a good post to bookmark to have all the responses – and more expanded information – in one place. And if you’re not in the group, hopefully, this will help you in your decision-making process when considering what supplements are best for you. For any existing clients or anyone who has just ordered, you can join the community here

So…. let’s get started!

For clarity: RI = Reflux Inhibitor and AR = Acid Relief.

When is the best time to take the ACV Gummies?

We recommend 2 daily with a meal. So you could take 6 daily if you’re having 3 meals. However, if you’re taking them alongside the Reflux Inhibitor in the Heartburn Relief Kit, then we’d work with you on an overall dosage plan as both are adding acidity and we’d want to take into account your RI dosage too. You can send us a direct message on our main Facebook page any time for help with dosage or advice on how to use any of the products. The ACV Gummies are available here.

I’m on day 6 of RI and my post-meal reflux is getting worse. The first couple of days I didn’t have any side effects, it was amazing. I’m nearing the 1-week mark, is it time to increase if this is happening? (I have LPR but I’m starting to get heartburn now) it’s this common?

We would recommend increasing for sure at this point; it’s very common in the first few weeks to adjust dosage a few times until you hit the sweet spot that works for you. Any acid reflux when taking the supplements isn’t a side effect, it just means that you’re not on the right dosage yet or haven’t been on them long enough yet to get consistent relief – as the plan is 100-120 days in total.

For LPR on top of the heartburn kit, which supplement do you recommend I try next in addition to the heartburn kit? I was eying the detox. (and how would I take it alongside the kit?)

The Digestive Cataylst would be a good addition to the HB Kit as it increases enzyme production in the stomach to speed up digestion and that helps a lot when acidity is too low to break food down properly. You can take it with any meal daily, but we recommend taking it with a different meal to the RI. 

I am in week 1 with AR, I still take my PPI in the morning, H2 blocker before bed, and supplement with TUMS. Do I drop all those when adding the RI in a few days?

Yes. There are all acid blockers, so they’re further reducing your stomach acidity and reducing the effects of the RI. The RI increases acidity to trigger the LES to close to prevent reflux. So stop all of these on day 7 (your last dose) and start the Reflux Inhibitor on Day 8.

Are these supplements appropriate for children at all?

No, they are for adult use only.

If you take RI with your dinner and forget to take it before your meal… would you take it with breakfast the next day being the next meal? And then also dinner the next day too?

Firstly, don’t panic if this happens. Missing one dose won’t ruin your overall plan at all. As a general rule, take it that same day with your next meal even if it’s not very large, a substantial sandwich would be fine. If you can’t take it the day you miss it, just take your next dose as normal the following day.

What can be used in place of AR if someone runs out of their pills?

A lot of our clients have taken Aloe Vera in liquid or capsule form when stuck as it’s a key ingredient in the AR. Have a look at the ingredients and see what you can get from those to tide you over until your next package arrives – Slippery Elm Bark would help too. In general, it’s good to try to order a few bottles in advance so this doesn’t happen.

Is it safe to use Melatonin while taking AR?

Yes, it’s fine to take any existing medications or supplements with our supplements. However, we recommend consulting with your dr. if you have cause for concern. The only supplements/medications that clash are the Reflux Inhibitor and Acid Blockers / PPIs which you need to stop before starting the RI.

After your 120 days do you wean off the RI AND start the PH Balancer?

You come off the RI once you are symptom-free, but the pH balancer is up to each person, you can start it at any point and it’s not essential. Some people like to take it during the last few weeks of the RI and for the following month as a maintenance product as it helps to maintain acidity. Overall, we’d recommend it if possible.

Have Some Questions Of Your Own?

We’d love to hear from you and we’re always happy to help! You can get in touch with us any time for a 1:1 consult via Facebook messenger, just go to our main Facebook page: Terra Health Essentials to contact us.