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How Jennifer Found Relief From Acid Reflux: A Personalized Approach

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Jennifer’s journey began in 2019 when she started to experience dizzy spells and a persistent sore throat. Despite multiple doctor visits and a gallbladder removal recommended by a gastroenterologist, her symptoms got worse. When prescribed reflux medications, these further exacerbated her issues rather than resolving them. At this point, Jennifer decided to take a more holistic approach which is when she came across us in April 2022. 

How it All Started

After her gallbladder surgery, Jennifer was experiencing daily throat irritation, a sour stomach, excessive burping, and chest discomfort. It took two endoscopy procedures to figure out what was going on, and it was at this point she discovered that she had acid damage alongside a hiatal hernia. The medications she was prescribed only worsened her condition, which prompted her to take control of her health on her own terms.

Working with the Terra Health Essentials Team

Jennifer started our Heartburn Relief Kit to try to alleviate her symptoms and worked closely with our consultants for personalized guidance on adjusting her dosage along the way. She tells us that this support was an important part of her success: “I love that Terra Health representatives keep in touch with you & want to help guide you to find the dose that helps you feel your best,”

Taking a Comprehensive Approach 

Wanting to get the very best out of the program, Jennifer further supplements with our ACV Gummies and other herbal stomach supplements she was advised to take due to her gallbladder removal. Her commitment to a balanced diet, low acid coffee, with just occasional indulgences, was an important part of her healing process. 

“It’s amazing to me how easy it was to heal my issues by eating healthy & using these supplements.”

The Reflux Inhibitor and Acid Relief she once used daily are now only needed occasionally, and she tells us she can “get away with splurging or ‘eating bad’” without worrying about the after effects of heartburn. Jennifer candidly reflects on her shift away from prescribed medications:

“I felt so scared when I was put on so many prescriptions for reflux that brought on so many terrible side effects. My health changed when I took it into my own hands rather than continuing with doctors that just wanted to try all these different harmful medications.”

Jennifer’s Advice for Others

Speaking from her personal experience, Jennifer has valuable advice for others suffering the same symptoms: “Give Terra Health a chance, give them time & make use of the advice from the experts. If you feel the plan isn’t working, reach out & tell them your exact symptoms & follow their suggestions.” 

She urges others to be patient, trust the process, and ask for help when you need it.


Moving Forward

As we move into 2024, Jennifer tells us that she is thankful that she made the choice to try a different approach to resolving her symptoms and stuck with the plan. Her story is reflective of that of so many clients we deal with daily whose commitment and trust in the healing play a major role in their success.

We hope that Jennifer’s experience with the Heartburn Relief Kit gives you the confidence that the path to healing may be unique for every individual, but it is possible and well within your reach.


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