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Benefits of MitoQ10 in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Exercise

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Want to learn more?

Investigation Shows MitoQ Boosts Endurance during High Intensity Interval Training

Research on a new antioxidant: MitoQ, conducted at the University of Auckland revealed that, after 3 weeks of HIIT exercise, the power output of untrained middle-aged men was notably improved when taking MitoQ, when compared to the control group.

Exercising, particularly for a specific training program, can cause changes to your muscles that can help with becoming faster, stronger, and fitter. Interestingly, these modifications take place at the cellular level of your muscles. A recent study has shown that MitoQ can advance this progression and amplify athletic performance.

At the University of Auckland in New Zealand, a clinical trial which followed gold-standard protocol (i.e., randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled) was conducted with 23 middle-aged men who did not have a regular exercise regimen. During the trial, the participants were given either MitoQ or a placebo for a period of ten days before completing a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout on a stationary bike. Blood samples and muscle tissue from the thighs were taken from the study subjects before the workout, soon after, and three hours later.

It was discovered that after HIIT training, the individuals who were given MitoQ displayed a larger rise in PGC1α levels than those who were given a placebo. PGC1α is a protein or protein complex that stimulates genetic alterations and has been recognized in other research to increase after physical activity.

How do the findings of MitoQ affect athletic performance?

Following a course of HIIT for three weeks, those taking MitoQ experienced greater increases in peak power (as indicated by a VO2peak test and a cycling time trial) compared to the placebo group.

The investigators propose that this rise in power is related to the higher levels of PGC1α in muscles, which is also associated with the production of new mitochondria. Another hypothesis is that MitoQ improves blood supply to muscles, or that it directly amplifies energy production within the mitochondria, resulting in greater power output and a prolonged time to fatigue.

In general, the scientists determined that the outcomes experienced when utilizing MitoQ were superior to those that could typically be anticipated with traditional antioxidants.

What transpires inside your cells when you engage in physical activity?

The mitochondria within your cells are the “powerhouses” that give cells their energy. As they work, they create a by-product known as free radicals. If these are produced in too high of a quantity, it can cause cell stress and weaken the cell. However, when the amount of free radicals is appropriate, it helps in cell-to-cell communication, or “cell signaling,” which is essential for proper cell health and muscle performance. Thus, a delicate balance of free radicals must be maintained.

Exercise has the potential to create higher amounts of free radicals, so athletes sometimes take antioxidant supplements to avoid any negative impact. However, regular vitamin C and E supplements don’t have a targeted effect on the mitochondria, which could lead to an imbalance of free radicals in cells. In fact, it has been suggested that non-targeted antioxidants may lessen
some of the positive effects of physical activity. MitoQ stands out from other antioxidants in the market by being able to reach the mitochondria, thus helping to keep the ratio of antioxidants to free radicals in balance. This delicate balance is essential in order to protect the cells from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Advantages of MitoQ for Athletes

MitoQ has been demonstrated to provide a plethora of benefits to athletes due to its potent antioxidant properties. It helps to reduce oxidative stress and improve overall energy production by targeting mitochondria, resulting in better performance and faster recovery.

Previous research has illustrated the advantages of MitoQ in terms of athletic performance and recovery, one of which revealed improved 8km time trial performance in trained cyclists. This most recent study by the University of Auckland has further demonstrated the positive impact of MitoQ on the cellular responses of muscles.

The discovery of MitoQ‘s ability to enhance the amount of co-activator PGC1α is a major milestone in the sports science field. This is due to PGC1α‘s role in generating new mitochondria4 and maintaining a healthy level of free radicals within cells.

The discoveries point to the fact that, when MitoQ is part of an athlete’s training, peak power is increased beyond what it could be without the product. These intriguing results confirm the usefulness of MitoQ in the context of physical activity.
There is no doubt that this research will be of great significance to athletes and consumers alike who want to maximize their physical capabilities.

For athletes and consumers alike, the significance of this breakthrough cannot be overstated. By taking a high-quality MitoQ supplement, such as the one offered by Terra Health Essentials, you can enhance your athletic performance and maximize your physical capabilities.

So why settle for anything less? Invest in the best and achieve your full potential with MitoQ10 by Terra Health Essentials.

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