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Lillian’s Journey of Conquering Achalasia and Acid Reflux

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Lillian’s journey began at a very early age. She was only twenty-one when she was diagnosed with achalasia, a condition that paralyzed her esophagus. Despite a surgery aimed at opening the sphincter between her stomach and esophagus, her acid reflux continued, with symptoms becoming especially difficult to tolerate at night. Over-the-counter medications did little to help, and Lillian ended up resorting to bland foods like crackers and toast to ease the discomfort.

Four years later, facing end-stage achalasia, Lillian underwent another surgery to replace her esophagus and remove the sphincter. But unfortunately, this didn’t help either, and her acid reflux persisted. 

The turning point came when Lillian logged into Facebook one day and the Heartburn Relief Kit popped up on her feed. Intrigued, she decided to give it a try.

After a week on the Acid Relief and Reflux Inhibitor, I was sleeping through the night without waking up with the burning. I felt like my stomach and tube had healed and did not feel the raw sensation.”

Like many clients, Lillian found the right timing and dosage crucial, revealing, “I have found that I need to take one of each in the morning and evening so that I don’t have the reflux issues during the day and night.” Although our standard dosage is once daily, every gut is unique and we encourage our clients to experiment with timing and dosage to find out what works best for them.

The Plan That Paved the Path Forward

However, the journey to optimal gut health didn’t end there. Lillian worked hard on maintaining her improvements and started to focus more on her diet by identifying and avoiding trigger foods and adjusting her evening meals. “I have to watch what I eat in the evening to increase the chance of acid reflux. Tomato sauce meals and chocolate are my biggest foods I have to watch out for in the evening.” As for tackling those restless nights, Lillian has found that sleeping with her head elevated also helps a great deal. This is something we recommend to anyone suffering from acid reflux, and it’s easily done by simply adding another pillow or two, using a wedge pillow, or propping up your bed itself so it’s at more of an incline.

“For me, the kit was the perfect fit that my body responded to positively.”

After enduring years of reflux symptoms and the toll it took on her overall well-being, Lillian is finally getting relief through a combination of dietary adjustments and a simple regimen of just 2 Acid Relief and 2 Reflux Inhibitors daily. And best of all, none of the side effects  associated with long-term PPI use. 

The Power of a Personalized Solution

Lillian’s journey isn’t just a story; it’s an inspiration for those seeking to reclaim control over their digestive health. If you’re on a similar path, facing the challenges of acid reflux, know that solutions exist, and your journey toward gut health is unique.

This is a journey that our team at Terra Health Essentials understands well, and something we speak about with clients every single day.  If you can relate to Lillian’s story, please do reach out to us for more information, guidance, or just a listening ear. We truly believe that personalized solutions make all the difference. And there’s one that will make all the difference for you.

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