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This Probiotic Strain Can Grow What?

Want to learn more?
Want to learn more?
Want to learn more?

A controversial study suggests that the powerful probiotic L. rueteri may be connected to growth *down there* 👀

Aging is inevitable – as time passes, our bodies slowly decline in many ways, from losing muscle mass, to decreased energy, and unfortunately, low testosterone. Low testosterone effects nearly 40% of men over 45 years old, and can commonly start to show itself as early as age 30. The symptoms can be problematic, frustrating, and even embarrassing. One unfortunate symptom is age-related shrinkage of the testicles. Not cool.

For years, we have accepted the inevitabilities of age related shrinkage downstairs. But based on a new controversial study, there may be an unlikely solution.

Let’s dive in…

This controversial study  was done on male Wistar rats where they were fed lactobacillus reuteri, an active bacteria strain found in some premium probiotics. Researchers found that this strain of bacteria had many benefits, including preventing age-related testicular shrinkage, increased testicular size and weight, increased testosterone levels, and increased sperm motility. The rats that were fed the probiotic always outperformed the control group in these markers. Since then, long-term human experiments have been started, but unfortunately we won’t know the official results for a few years. But these results were so dramatic, that experts are optimistic about what these human trials will reveal!

By supplementing with L. Rueteri, you can decrease age-related shrinkage of the testicles. Additionally, you may benefit from increased testosterone and even decreased stress.

The benefits of probiotics don’t end there. An additional study done by neuroscientist John Cryan tested the stress response of mice when fed  lactobacillus rhamnosus. He found that the group fed the probiotic showed a lower stress response, resulting in more energy and a greater will to live.

What exactly did he test?

A control group of rats were placed in buckets of water, and their willingness to swim was measured. Most rats lasted about 4 minutes before giving up, when they would be removed from the water. The group of rats fed the probiotic never gave up swimming. This indicated something special about the probiotic.

What he noticed was extremely interesting. The control group, who didn't have any probiotics, actually would give up after about four minutes of swimming

Cryan’s biggest takeaway was that The lactobacillus rhamnosus group did not give up swimming, meaning that their stress response was lower. 

After additional research, Cryan found that the control group (rats fed no probiotics) actually had higher cortisol levels than the group that was fed the lactobacillus rhamnosus. Cortisol is an indicator of stress levels in the body, and the mice fed the powerful probiotic showed lower cortisol levels than the control group. Their decreased stress level resulted in more energy, and more of a will to live when stuck swimming in the bucket.

Experts believe that a similar correlation might be able to be made when it comes to desire to push yourself at the gym, perform on the job, or even the pursuit of the opposite sex. 

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