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Do Older Adults Need Less Sleep?

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Dispelling Misconceptions About Aging and Sleep

Sleep is a vital component of our overall well-being. A good night’s sleep empowers us to recover and to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Unfortunately, many people have sleep problems and don’t get the rest that they need.

According to estimates, 50 million to 70 million people in the U.S. have ongoing sleep disorders.

Insufficient sleep and poor quality sleep can be the result of diverse factors, including sleep disorders, medical conditions, and mental health. Sleep issues affect people of all ages, and their impacts touch many parts of our lives. Though it is often said that people need less sleep as they age, the current recommended sleep guidelines for all adult age groups would surprise you.
While it is commonly believed that our sleep needs decrease as we get older, recent research at Yale medicine suggests that this is not entirely accurate.

Sleep patterns of older people, unlike young people can be impacted by multiple factors, from medical conditions to medications, says Brienne Miner, MD, MHS, a Yale Medicine geriatric and sleep medicine specialist. Various factors, such as medical conditions, lifestyle changes, and stressors, can contribute to an unhealthy sleep reduction in older adults, which is then made worse by the popular, but false, belief that significantly less sleep is needed as you grow older.

Understanding Sleep Changes with Age:

Contrary to popular belief, our sleep needs remain relatively consistent throughout adulthood. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults between the ages of 18 and 64 are recommended to aim for seven to nine hours of sleep each night, while those aged 65 and older should target seven to eight hours. However, older adults often experience disruptions in their sleep patterns due to various factors.

Factors Influencing Sleep Reduction:

Medical Conditions: Many age-related health conditions, such as chronic pain, arthritis, respiratory disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases, can disrupt sleep patterns and cause discomfort, making it challenging to fall asleep and maintain restful sleep throughout the night.

Medications: Certain medications prescribed for chronic illnesses or psychological disorders can have side effects that affect sleep, such as insomnia or excessive drowsiness during the day. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional to understand the potential impacts of medications on sleep and explore alternative options if necessary.
Lifestyle Changes: Retirement, changes in daily routines, and decreased physical activity can alter sleep-wake cycles and lead to irregular sleep patterns. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and incorporating regular exercise can help regulate sleep patterns.


Environmental Factors: Noise disturbances, uncomfortable bedroom temperatures, and an unsupportive sleep environment can disrupt sleep. Creating a sleep-friendly environment by reducing noise, ensuring a comfortable room temperature, and using a supportive mattress and pillows can promote better sleep.

In addition to these lifestyle changes, supplementing with sleep aids such as Terra Health Essentials Fast Asleep can support your sleep state with the following sleep friendly ingredients.

Exploring Sleep Aid Supplements:

Magnesium: Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in various bodily functions, including sleep regulation. Adequate magnesium levels have been associated with better sleep quality and relaxation.

Passion Flower Extract: Passion flower extract has a long history of use as a natural remedy for sleep disorders. It contains compounds that may have calming & sedative effects, promoting relaxation and enhancing sleep quality. Look for standardized passion flower extract from reputable brands such as Terra Health Essentials.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA): GABA is a neurotransmitter that acts as an inhibitory agent in the brain, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. Supplementing with GABA may help calm the mind and improve sleep quality.

The Terra Difference

In your journey to better sleep, the quality of the ingredients you consume is paramount. Not all supplements are created equal, and choosing a product that prioritizes high-quality ingredients like Terra Health Essentials does, is crucial. Their sleep supplement is carefully formulated with pure, potent, and natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body’s natural rhythms. This ensures not only a peaceful night’s sleep but also optimal health benefits derived from sleep.

At Terra Health Essentials, the focus is on natural, scientifically-backed ingredients like magnesium, passion flower extract, and reishi mushroom powder. Their formulation offers a holistic approach to sleep enhancement, harnessing the power of nature to gently guide you towards restful sleep.

Investing in your sleep is investing in your health. As you start this journey, remember the importance of quality. With Terra Health Essentials, you’re not just choosing a sleep supplement – you’re choosing a partner committed to your journey towards better sleep and overall health.

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