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Seth’s Story: Relief After 20 Years of Acid Reflux and IBS

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Our client Seth had been battling acid reflux, ulcers, and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for two decades when he reached out to us. Although a little skeptical at first, he was committed to finding a way to finally resolve his symptoms and get his life back. This is his story of resilience, determination, and transformation.

The Early Years and The Search for Answers

Seth’s journey began when he was diagnosed with an ulcer at just 15 years of age. To manage this condition, his doctors prescribed Nexium. Initially, the plan was to use this medication for a brief period, but it turned into a 20-year dependence. As time passed, the acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion continued to worsen. Seth’s medical journey included a series of tests, such as scans of his gallbladder, liver, and pancreas. The initial ulcer diagnosis was joined by diagnosis of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and IBS. These additional conditions led to the piling up of more medications whilst his symptoms continued to worsen.

“Symptoms continued to escalate and they put me on sucralfate also. Everything continued to get worse over time. It was a long progressive journey to figure out “what is going on” because every doctor only wanted to throw medication at me.”

Turning to a Holistic Approach

A turning point came when Seth decided to explore a holistic approach to his health. This approach was introduced by a chiropractor, who helped him with chest pains initially attributed to acid reflux. After just five or six visits, Seth experienced a significant reduction in his chest pains. After suffering for 20 years with no relief, this was a pretty big deal!

So, alongside his chiropractor’s guidance, Seth continued down this path with confidence. He made significant changes to his diet, identified and removed trigger foods, and sought advice from nutritionists. However, although these changes had a positive impact on his IBS, they did not fully address his acid reflux or heartburn.

Enter: The Heartburn Relief Kit

“I lost 35 pounds but was still suffering. That’s when I randomly saw a Facebook ad for you guys, and I started asking my nutritionist about it. It was a new concept to them, but they said it really made sense,” Seth recalls.

“I was skeptical but willing to try after suffering for so long, so I went ahead and started on the Heartburn Relief Kit. I went cold turkey off PPIs when I started, as I didn’t really read the instructions properly about starting with the acid relief combined with the PPI for the first week before coming off it,” he admits. “So, it was a miserable few days starting off, but I was able to fight through due to my previous struggles and trusting it would work.”

Seth was determined to give the product every possible benefit: “I told myself no matter what, I’d tough it out for 21 days to make sure I gave the product every benefit possible. But at about day 10, I started seeing some positive results and light at the end of the tunnel.’

“By day 21, my symptoms had reduced by maybe 50%. And by the end of two months, I had more long-term relief than I had in years.”

He emphasizes that these improvements went hand in hand with dietary changes and abstaining from alcohol. “There were foods I had to avoid, like fried foods and broccoli, but as long as I avoided trigger foods, I saw massive relief in just two months.”

Getting the Dosage Right

Seth’s approach to managing his condition involved starting with a dosage of 2RI and gradually increasing it to 4RI. However, he recognized the need to decrease the dosage as his symptoms returned. By carefully managing his dosage, he eventually succeeded in completely discontinuing his medication. 

This is very common as clients come to the end of their program, as once the body starts producing enough acid itself, adding too much extra acid will cause reflux instead. So if your acid reflux returns 2-3 months in, it’s usually a good sign and simply means the supplement has worked for you and you no longer need it!

Dietary Changes and Trigger Foods

An essential part of Seth’s journey was understanding what his body negatively reacted to. He emphasizes the importance of identifying specific trigger foods and avoiding them.

“I think knowing and understanding what your specific food triggers are is very important. You’re not doing yourself a favor eating things your body is rejecting.”

In addition to dietary changes, Seth incorporated aloe vera shots into his daily routine which is something a lot of his clients do and he highly recommends.. While he admits it may not have the most pleasant taste, it significantly contributed to his relief.

The Impact of Increasing Acidity on Seth’s Overall Health

Before starting the Heartburn Relief Kit, Seth experienced chronic sinus infections. He would have these infections like clockwork, 4-6 times a year, which led to a heavy reliance on antibiotics and steroids. Over time, this constant use of antibiotics had led to antibiotic tolerance, making his situation even more challenging.

However, since stopping Nexium, Seth has not had a single sinus infection. He firmly believes that his use of Nexium was somehow linked to his frequent sinus infections and antibiotic tolerance. He tells us that this change has been nothing short of life-changing. This makes a lot of sense because we need acidity in the gut to absorb nutrients and help to build up a strong immune system! In addition, issues like Silent Reflux also cause sinus issues that can go misdiagnosed.

Final Words of Encouragement for Others

Seth’s journey teaches us the significance of commitment and resilience in achieving a healthier life. He emphasizes that enduring a week of discomfort is a small price to pay for a lifetime of relief. After nearly two years without any stomach medications, 

“To anyone who’s unsure, I would say how is it important to you to change your life? Is a week or misery worth a lifetime of relief? I’ve now been off every stomach medication for almost two years now and it’s worth it. 

Seth encourages others to trust in the effectiveness of the Heartburn Relief Kit. His faith in the product is summed up in his final comments…

“There’s no such thing as a quick fix but if you follow the instructions the product works, it really does work, it works so much and I have so much faith in your company and what you’ve done my biggest fear is you going out of business. That’s my biggest fear because it works!”

Seth’s remarkable journey from two decades of acid reflux, ulcers, and medication dependence to holistic healing is a testament to the power of determination and taking control of your health. If you or someone you know is facing a similar struggle, take Seth’s experience as an inspiration to explore other approaches and reach out to us to see how we can help! 


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