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Stay Sharp All Day: Beat the Midday Slump with L-Theanine

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Want to learn more?
Want to learn more?

There’s a reason that the “midday slump” has become a familiar term amongst us all, and that’s because we’ve all experienced it at one point or another. There are lots of different ways to combat this fatigue; I personally find it helpful to get up and out for a short walk in the fresh air to refresh my mind! But when this becomes an everyday struggle once the clock strikes noon, your productivity is going to take a serious nosedive, and it’s time to do something about it.  

The great thing about nature is that it has more to offer than simply fresh air and sunshine. In our research of late, we’ve been examining the effects of a popular supplement called L-Theanine which has been proven to aid long-term focus and enhance cognitive function. In other words, it’ll give your brain a kickstart when your productivity starts to take a nosedive!

So how does it work? Well, that’s the interesting thing. L-Theanine actually does its job by helping you to feel calm and relaxed to increase your focus, without causing any kind of sedation. You know when you’re faced with a million things to do at once and just cannot seem to focus your mind on the task at hand? This is where L-Theanine can really help you out. It induces a type of attentive wakefulness to help you stay calm and alert when you find yourself overwhelmed with your to-do list. 

Improved Attention, Accurray, and Efficiency

Studies have shown that supplementing with L-Theanine daily increases both attention and accuracy when completing tasks, so it’s definitely one of the best supplements for improving focus and concentration.

One such study noted that participants displayed:

  • Quicker reaction time to tasks
  • Increased correct answers
  • Fewer omitted answers

This particular study was very interesting and involved questions such as “memorize 15 words. Then, from the 30 words that appear at random, select the word you remembered.” I highly recommend checking it out via the link if you have a few minutes!

A Natural Way to Lift Your Mood

But that’s not all. What good is a good day if you don’t have a smile to show for it? And just how productive can you be if you’re not enjoying your work? After all, there’s a bit more to getting out of a funk than just getting through your to-do list. But that’s where the added bonus of this productivity ally comes in; it can also contains the happy brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine to lift your spirits and boost your mood.

In fact, a 2017 study revealed that this natural aid even improved the symptoms of depression in participants suffering from major depressive disorder. So whilst you may merely need a bit of a lift in the afternoons, it’s clear from this research that you can rely on L-theanine to give you a helping hand.

Our Optimized L-Theanine Supplement

Our goal at Terra Health Essentials is to provide you with all of the aids nature can provide to boost all aspects of your health, so over the past few months we’ve been working hard on developing a powerful blend that utilizes this supplement to the best of its capabilities. And now it’s here!

NooFocus combines L-Theanine with adaptogenic mushrooms and cognition-boosting herbal extracts to promote optimal brain function and help you to be at your most focused and productive throughout the working day. This really is one of the best supplements around for both focus and concentration. If afternoon fatigue is something you’ve become accustomed to, you’ll be amazed at the effects that NooFocus will have on energy levels within just a few days.

Try it today and Save 20% on your first purchase using the coupon code StaySharp20.
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