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The Perfect Supplements for Fall Activities

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Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love fall? From wading your feet through the fiery hues of fallen leaves to breathing in the crispness of the air, there’s just a certain magic about this time of year.  And of course, there are the must-do fall traditions like cozying up with a good book, whipping up a mouthwatering apple pie, and getting active with a Turkey Trot or some flag football. Whether you get together with family or friends, these traditions are what make fall extra special. So we’ve rounded up a bunch of the perfect supplements for fall activities to make your experience even better!

Cozying up with a Book – NooFocus

 There’s nothing like snuggling up with a captivating book by the fireplace. But if you find yourself easily distracted, NooFocus is your new BFF. NooFocus is a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms, L-theanine, and brain-boosting herbal extracts. It’s like a supercharge for your brain, giving you enhanced focus, sharper thinking, crystal-clear mental clarity, memory support, and a sense of calm that allows you to stay in the moment. With NooFocus, you can dive into your novel for some much-needed escapism from the world!

Baking an Apple Pie – Digestive Catalyst

Baking a yummy apple pie is the epitome of fall traditions. However, that slice of heaven can sometimes lead to some not-so-heavenly digestive issues. That’s where Digestive Catalyst comes in. It’s loaded with 12 unique enzymes to help you reduce the effects of food intolerances and prevent painful bloating. So you can indulge without worrying about belly blues later!

Turkey Trot – Liposomal Curcumin

Joining the family 5K walk or Turkey Trot is a fantastic way to enjoy the fall season and stay active. But it can also take a toll on your joints, especially if you’re not a regular walker. Here’s where Lipo Curcumin saves the day with its 550 mg of highly bioavailable curcumin extract. It’s the ultimate saving grace for your joints! You’ll experience way less (if not zero!) aches and stiffness and increased joint flexibility. So you can enjoy the family walk without feeling like you’re holding everyone up or falling behind.

Camping – Fast Asleep

Camping under the starry sky is something everyone has to experience at least once. To make your camping adventure even better, consider Fast Asleep. This supplement combines the power of magnesium, gamma-aminobutyric acid, passion flower extract, L-theanine, and reishi mushroom powder to ensure your sleep outdoors is as peaceful as can be (even if you’re worried about the creepy crawlies!). 

Flag Football – Super Greens

Flag football is super high-energy, you really have to be pumped up and ready for the game! Enter Super Greens, it’s like a green powder power-up for your body! This formula provides everything your body craves in one easy scoop. It boosts your gut health, revs up your vitality and energy, turbocharges your immune system, and gives your skin a healthy glow. With Super Greens, you’ll be running about the football field for hours (disclaimer: we can give you the energy, but you have to bring the skills!).

Add a Little Extra Magic to Your Traditions

In a nutshell, fall is all about treasured traditions and tasty treats. These supplements can sprinkle a bit of extra magic onto your experience, whether you’re diving into a good book, baking an apple pie, taking on a Turkey Trot, camping in the wilderness, or getting your game on in flag football. It’s time to celebrate the season, enjoy these classic fall activities, and add these supplements into the mix to have an even better experience!

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