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The Powerful Bacteria That’s Destroying Your Gut

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H.pylori is one of those gut problems that isn’t as well known as the rest amongst the general public. Everyone knows what Acid Reflux is, right? Unfortunately! And most people have at least heard of gastritis. But H.pylori infection? That one doesn’t get quite as much coverage.

However, we’ve started to see this crop up more and more in conversations with OUR clients. They might start off talking about gastritis, but then a few weeks later H.pylori infection comes into the conversation. The question is, how can you end up with both H.pylori and gastritis and what can you do about it?

Let’s start with the facts.

Research in the early 90s studying the association between gastritis and H.pylori found that “H. pylori were present in 96.6% of patients with active chronic gastritis.” And this is further supported by a 2022 study that concluded “Helicobacter pylori infection is strongly associated with chronic gastritis and is probably the main course of chronic inflammation in the gastric mucosa.”

So the connection is there, but why?

Your stomach and duodenum are protected with a mucosal lining that protects it from stomach acid. But when H.pylori begins to multiply in your gut, it starts to eat into that lining. And you’re left vulnerable to irritation, inflammation, and erosion. So we’re talking about everything from stomach ulcers to – you guessed it – gastritis.

This link between erosion and gastritis was noted in the Yonsei Med Journal, which published a study concluding that “H. pylori are highly associated with gastritis and peptic ulcer diseases and its prevalence rates in patients with those diseases is higher than in developed countries.”

How to Treat Gastritis

If you’re suffering from gastritis due to H.pylori, there are two things you need to set in motion:

  1. Get rid of the H.pylori.
  2. Repair and strengthen your mucosal gut lining.

Step 1 will likely require a trip to your doctor as this is usually treated with antibiotics. Although we’re not massive fans of antibiotics, they are essential in some instances. And can avoid the side effects on your gut flora by starting our Advanced Probiotic to replenish your good gut bacteria.

Step 2 is where we can really help with how to treat your gastritis. It’s super important to rebuild the damaged gut lining. This is exactly what our Acid Relief supplement is developed to do. The Acid Relief increases mucus secretion in the gut to thicken that mucosal lining to allow it to heal. This protects it from further damage. This is something you can start doing from day 1 when tackling your H.pylori also.

Once you start your course of Terra Health Essentials Acid Relief you will begin to repair and rebuild the protective mucosal lining in your stomach, reduce the inflammation of gastritis, and keep your symptoms at bay as your gut begins to heal.

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