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Client Journey Series: Follow Moriah’s Inspiring Path to Gut Healing!

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Meet Moriah, one of our long-standing and most determined clients! Moriah has been committed to improving her gut health since day one of getting in touch with us after struggling with acid reflux for four long years. From constant bloating and throat soreness to fatigue and brain fog, acid reflux had really taken a toll on Moriah’s life from social events to even just enjoying a nice dinner. With the extent of her symptoms taken into consideration, you’d have forgiven Moriah for giving up on the idea of relief. But her positive and “keep pushing forward” attitude made sure that didn’t happen! In this chat, Moriah shares her experience and insights she’s gained throughout her healing to offer hope and inspiration to others starting out in the same boat.

Moriah’s struggle with acid reflux began at the age of 31 as she started to experience a range of uncomfortable symptoms, from itchy ears and eyes to constipation and headaches. Like many people suffering from acid reflux, she was initially prescribed PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) by her doctor, but soon realized they weren’t the solution when her symptoms actually got worse. 

“It’s difficult to be social when never feeling well. Eating out or attending dinner parties was so hard in the beginning when I didn’t know my triggers and never knew what foods would make me sick.”

After deciding to look into alternative options, she came across the Heartburn Relief Kit and the healing process really began! The initial stages of recovery were a little challenging, and this period is often where a lot of our customer’s question “am I doing the right thing?”. Since every gut is completely unique, the kit requires dosage adjustments to get on the right regime for each individual, and this can take some time to work out. But once you get there, it’s worth the work! 

“The correct dosage is very important, but can take a little time of trial and error to find. Don’t get discouraged during that time.”

Moriah’s commitment to the process paid off. She emphasizes the importance of following instructions and finding support from fellow sufferers through our private client Facebook group. She also readily admits that she had to put a lot of patience and trust in the program from day one.

“Healing your stomach is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. It requires commitment to the process.”

It took about 3 to 4 months before Moriah began experiencing significant improvements with the Heartburn Relief Kit. Thanks to her commitment to the program, she found a dose that effectively managed her symptoms. Although she hopes to reduce her dose and eventually stop the products, she’s currently enjoying not waking up to heartburn every day!

Tips from Moriah for newbies to the program!

  • Identify and limit trigger foods: Throughout her journey, Moriah identified specific trigger foods like dairy, raw onion and garlic, wheat, processed carbs, alcohol, and sugary foods. By limiting her intake, she found relief from some of her most troublesome symptoms. Figuring out what her trigger foods were was a bit tricky at first but she has a good handle on it now and it’s made a big difference.
  • Digestive Enzymes after meals: Whilst on the kit, Moriah also started taking our Digestive Catalyst, which contains digestive enzymes to speed up digestion (who’d have guessed it?!). This really helped with her bloating and discomfort after meals and was a great add-on to the Heartburn Relief Kit.
  • Stay hydrated between meals: It sounds too easy to be effective, but it really is both! By increasing her water intake, Moriah found her overall digestion improved.

Moriah’s journey is a powerful reminder that there are no shortcuts or magic remedies when it comes to healing your gut. It’s about making a true commitment to your well-being and taking actionable steps towards a healthier life. Remember to be patient with yourself, pay attention to your body, and trust in the healing process.

In her own words, “The end result of healing your body naturally instead of masking symptoms with medication is worth it.” Leave a comment below to schedule a free consultation with our team and you might be reading your own success story next time around!

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