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Kristin’s Journey to Acid Reflux Relief After 16 Years on PPIs

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Meet Kristin, a strong and resilient client of ours who spent 16 years on Prilosec before coming across the Heartburn Relief Kit. Her story displays the power of overcoming your fears, embracing change, and finally finding relief.

The Prilosec Era: A 16-Year Struggle

Kristin’s gut health battle began in 2004 with a diagnosis of Hiatal Hernia. She was immediately prescribed Prilosec and told that discontinuing the medication could put her at risk of cancer. So for 16 years, Kristin listened to her doctors and assumed they were right. But as time went on, Kristin embraced a more natural lifestyle and she knew she needed a change.

“I knew taking it was not good for me, and I needed another solution.”

Discovering Terra Health Essentials

Just as she had begun looking for alternatives to treating her acid reflux, Kristin stumbled upon an Instagram post from our team at Terra Health Essentials. Although she still had some reluctance about stopping her PPI, her desire for a healthier alternative won out and she reached out to us for a consultation. This conversation started Kristin on her path to healing her reflux naturally and getting off Prilosec for good.

“This was just a step to get off the meds and heal but not to live on meds or pills for the rest of my life.”

The Healing Process: The First Two Weeks

Transitioning from Prilosec to our Heartburn Relief Kit was not without its challenges. Kristin tells us experienced a literal “hell” for the initial two weeks. The pain was intense, but then, she experienced a turning point of relief that is extremely common with all of our clients once they get the dosage right. This is why it’s so crucially important to stick with the program in the initial few weeks and adjust the dosage until your body responds. Because it will, it just takes a little time.

“I didn’t notice any improvement until about 2 weeks. I was on fire after all those years on Prilosec but then after two weeks, the pain went away and I started to feel relief.”

Overcoming Setbacks with Terra Health’s Support

Kristin faced a setback a few years later with a flare-up of her symptoms. However, after a consult with our team, she got back on track with her symptoms under control within a month. 

“I had one flare-up about 2 or 3 years after being off everything. But they helped me get back on track and within a month I was good to go. Of course Terra and their team is so responsive and understanding which is what makes it even better.”

To keep her symptoms at bay, Kristin committed to consistency. She cut down on trigger foods and alcohol, stuck to her supplement regimen, and experienced notable improvements. 

“Honestly just consistency was key for me. And the couple weeks I cut out coffee and acidic stuff worked well.”

Kristin tells us that her recovery had a profound impact on her well-being Her overall digestive health is back on track and she no longer struggles with the other issues that come alongside low stomach acid such as bloating and constipation…” I can go to the bathroom every day now so that’s the biggest win. LOL

Overcoming the initial fear instilled in her by the doctors she trusted, Kristin tells us she found unparalleled support from our consultants.

“They were so caring and understanding and with me through the whole process. I was so scared at first, so having the support and love from Terra was amazing. Truly best team ever worked with on any product I have tried.”

Kristin’s Advice to Those Considering The Heartburn Relief Ki

Kristin’s journey showcases that it IS possible to free yourself from long-standing dependence on PPIs and resolve your acid reflux naturally. It just takes a little trust in the process and a lot of trust in yourself. 

“Trust the Terra team and just believe in the process… [the Heartburn Relief Kit] saved my life. I have been free of Prilosec for around 6 years now.”

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