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Client Journey Series: Neil Staite

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Terra Health Essentials client, Neil, is 59 years old and has suffered without relief from acid reflux for 5 years. He describes “intermittent stabbing pain in stomach, acid reflux/burning in the stomach and throat” alongside some “occasional constipation'”. These are common acid reflux symptoms but what is often missed is the underlying cause. The occasional constipation he mentioned is one clue to this (although not always present). 

“My sleep at night was interrupted often & I also got increased reflux from exercising & playing sport.”

Acid reflux is commonly caused by low stomach acid. There is a muscle/valve called the lower esophageal sphincter muscle (LES). This regularly opens and closes to let food or fluids into the stomach. But when stomach acid is too low, it stops this muscle from closing properly. So any acid that IS there flows right back up into the esophagus causing what we know as acid reflux.

But why is constipation another clue that this is the underlying problem? Well, the same low stomach acid that causes the LES to malfunction can also slow down digestion. Neil needs acid to digest the food he eats. So when stomach acid is too low, that food sits around for longer than it should. Often leading to bloating and constipation. Whilst none of this is great news for anyone, it’s good news for Neil because he’s finally found a cause and solution for his acid reflux. 

The Transition From PPIs To The Heartburn Relief Kit

Neil was on a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) prior to starting the Heartburn Relief Kit. PPIs “work” by further blocking stomach acid production so when the LES is open there’s no acid to get through. However, whilst this can temporarily ease the acid reflux it doesn’t solve the root cause. AND it causes other issues with digestion and inflammation from lack of sufficient stomach acid. This is why the acid reflux comes right back as soon as the PPI is stopped. 

When our clients start using the Reflux inhibitor we advise them to stop taking their PPI. This can be a scary thing to do for a lot of people, especially if they’ve been reliant on PPIs for a long period. However, it is the only way to really resolve the underlying issue.

Once the client has stopped the PPI, the Reflux Inhibitor will work on gradually rebuilding the levels of acid in the stomach to a level that restores proper functioning of the LES and stops acid reflux. However, it can take a few weeks to really see any noticeable improvements. Which can cause people to panic and revert back to the PPI. This is something that Neil personally experienced when he stopped taking PPI in the initial stage. Noting that “I experienced increased burning in my stomach & throat & it felt like I had all my old symptoms again.”

Each Journey is Unique

Everyone is different in how they respond to starting the supplements. But we know that the first few weeks of treatment can be the most challenging for some clients. You’re starting a new supplement you’ve never tried before, you may be giving up something that previously worked at least a little for you, and you have the anxiety of wondering how long it will take for things to improve. In Neil’s case, he started the Heartburn Relief Kit in October 2021 and noticed he was getting relief from acid reflux around the 6-week mark. ‘You really have to stick with the recommended dosage for RI & AR & even increase it until you feel symptoms start to improve. It took 6 weeks before I noticed improvement & I was then able to reduce the dosage.”

We’re always available to our clients on Facebook direct messager during this time and our Facebook group is also an excellent resource to talk to others and gain insights into their personal experiences.

Finally Symptom-Free!

Now that he’s reaching the 120-day mark, we were delighted to hear that Neil has been free of symptoms for a number of weeks, albeit with 2 recurrences when he drank a little too much! Alcohol is a common trigger for people who suffer from acid reflux and if you fall into this category it’s best to cut it out at the start and gradually add it back into your diet once you’ve had consistent relief from symptoms. The same applies to any other foods that tend to set off your acid reflux (Neil was lucky enough that alcohol was the only culprit, with the occasional flare-up from coffee).

“Overall my acid reflux has disappeared, although in the last week I have had 2 nights where it has reappeared because I have drunk too much alcohol. If I have just a few beers every now & then I have no symptoms so I need to take it easy on the alcohol.”

On a final note, Neil has also offered a few tips to offer to anyone who’s just starting out with the Heartburn Relief Kit:

  • You have to be very patient as you will feel as though the kit isn’t improving your symptoms. I made the mistake early on of taking acid relief tablets or ENO (a brand similar to Alka Seltzer) in combination with the relief kit & this made me vomit & have diarrhea so don’t combine antacid medication with the kit.
  • Take apple cider vinegar capsules or gummies to help your digestion.
  • If I continue to moderate my alcohol intake then I have no symptoms.

“I’ll be completing the recommended 120-day course & will use the kit again in the future if needed.”

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You can also learn more about the kit and how to get started in our post: The Heartburn Relief Kit: What To Expect And How Long Before The Supplements Work?

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