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Embracing Wellness Over 40: With Health Coach Kim Jefferson

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Want to learn more?

As we navigate the different stages of life, it’s essential to prioritize our well-being and adapt our approach to fitness and health accordingly. In our experiences with clients, we often notice that issues such as acid reflux and aches and pains often come on “out of the blue” as they get older. The aging process unfortunately isn’t something that we can avoid, but what we CAN do is educate ourselves on how to optimize our diet and lifestyles to prevent these symptoms and stay fit and healthy for as long as possible!

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kim Jefferson, a dedicated fitness and health coach who specializes in helping women over 40 feel fit, comfortable, and confident in their bodies. With her wealth of experience and personal journey, Kim sheds light on the struggles women over 40 face when it comes to staying fit and maintaining good overall health. Join us as we delve into her background, insights, and practical advice to empower women in this vibrant stage of life.

How It All Began

Kim embarked on her journey in the health and fitness industry back in 2007, initially as a personal trainer. However, she quickly discovered that her role extended beyond prescribing exercise routines. Recognizing the impact of the other 23 hours of her clients’ lives on their overall fitness and well-being, she sought to provide holistic guidance encompassing nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset. In her own words she “quickly realized that it was more about telling people how many bicep curls to do but how the other 23 hours of their lives impact their experience in the gym.”

Kim’s decision to specialize in women’s wellness, particularly for those aged 40 and above, arose from her personal experience. Approaching her 40s, she encountered frustrating changes in her body composition and metabolism, regardless of her dedication to exercise and clean eating. “I packed on 30 pounds in 3 years and I needed to figure out what the hell was going on. When I asked my doctor what was wrong she told me to stop eating sandwiches.”

Kim’s Key Advice for Adapting to Life Over 40

Seeking answers, she discovered that many women faced similar challenges, and she wanted to offer support and guidance to let them know they weren’t alone. We all know that as women age, body composition and metabolism can change. This is something we asked Kim about in terms of how our clients can mitigate these changes. She told us she emphasizes the importance of accepting and embracing the changes that come with age.
Rather than striving to keep up with their younger selves, women over 40 should focus on understanding and nourishing their bodies in this new phase of life. Kim advises shifting the approach to prioritize strength training over excessive cardio, along with incorporating a diet rich in protein. For personalized guidance in navigating these changes, she suggests investing in a coach who can provide tailored strategies and support.

The Importance of Quality Sleep

Since sleep is another important aspect of health management our clients struggle with, we asked Kim if this is something she has encountered and how she addresses this for best results. In her client work, Kim stresses the significance of establishing a consistent bedtime routine.

By creating a relaxing ritual around 30 minutes before bedtime, individuals can signal to their bodies that it’s time to wind down. Kim suggests simple activities such as changing into comfortable PJs, engaging in 10 minutes of reading, and practicing 10 minutes of breath work or meditation. These practices can help calm the mind and promote better sleep patterns.

Kim’s passion for empowering women over 40 to embrace fitness, comfort, and confidence in their bodies shines through in her insightful and genuine approach to helping her clients. Whether it’s adjusting exercise routines, improving diets, boosting mental wellness, or prioritizing restful sleep, she really is a fountain of knowledge for women seeking to optimize their health and take control of their bodies! You can reach out to Kim on Instagram or on her website for more resources and information on her services.

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