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Client Journey Series: Jamin Prioritizes Gut Health Amidst a Hectic Lifestyle

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Meet Jamin, a busy professional with a high-stress, often travel-intensive job with unpredictable hours. All of which makes sticking to a consistently healthy diet more difficult than usual! After suffering from frequent bouts of acid reflux at night and nausea in the mornings, Jamin wanted to avoid the negative health impacts of regular antacid use and came to us looking for a natural solution to improve his gut health and balance his digestive system.

In this candid conversation, Jamin talks to us about his health journey so far and how a personalized combo of our Super Greens, Gut Reset Kit, and Heartburn Relief Kit supplements has helped him on his way!

Q: Did you have any specific health issues or concerns before starting Super Greens? 

A: I have no chronic health issues. I have tried a variety of “super green” products (e.g.: GNC), but I have felt no benefit from them, and they taste terrible. They require being part of a larger smoothie, which is often a hassle. It is impossible to incorporate these products when travelling, where I don’t have a blender and countertop of other things to make a shake. I have a very low appetite in the morning, so a full smoothie/shake is often undesirable. I just want something I can put in some water and sip on the way to the office.

Q: Did you experience any improvements in your gut health and overall energy levels after using Super Greens? If so, could you elaborate on how it affected your daily life? 

A: I found that super greens had an immediate, positive effect on my mornings. It soothed my stomach and also reduced mid-morning food cravings.

Q: In addition to using Super Greens, did you make any other changes to your diet or lifestyle that contributed to your gut health journey? Is there anything you’ve tried/ new habits that have significantly helped you that you’d like to share with our readers? 

A: I started with other Terra Health products: Heartburn Relief Kit and Gut Reset Kit. I experienced improvement with them, reducing my usage of antacids 90%. The probiotic and detox supplements also help. 

Q: Throughout your journey, do you feel you’ve learned more about your body and how it works? Have there been any realizations that surprised you along the way? 

A: The way Super Greens works is very subtle, but it was noticeable how it soothed inflammation, moderated hunger. I am more observant of the impact that food and beverage affects my digestive system. Super Greens was on backorder for over a month earlier this year, and I noticed a huge difference WITHOUT it. My body felt less balanced. When I resumed Super Greens, I felt the positive difference again.

Q: Based on your experience, would you recommend Super Greens to others who are seeking to improve their gut health and overall well-being & energy levels? 

A: Yes, I recommend Super Greens, and have made multiple recommendations to my friends. 

Q: Lastly, what advice or encouragement would you offer to others who are looking to improve their gut health and overall well-being? 

A: Improving your gut health naturally, and away from acid reducers and other solutions, isn’t an overnight solution. It requires consistency and diet adjustments. Have patience while your body gradually adjusts. 

Patience, Progress, and the Power of Nature

So there you have it, despite a hectic job and travel-packed schedule, Jamin is well on his way to a healthier gut. His determination combined with a personalized supplement regime has worked wonders; he’s ditched the antacids and his symptoms have alleviated, showing that even the smallest of changes can yield the biggest results!

If you have any Qs about Jamin’s journey or the supplements he added to his diet, visit our store for more info or just leave a comment below!

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