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The Link Between Acid Reflux and Flatulence

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If you suffer from acid reflux then you’re likely familiar with uncomfortable flatulence and bloating that often come with it. So if you’ve been wondering if those two things are connected – the answer is a resounding YES! In order to explain this properly, we need to first look at the “normal” digestive process and what happens from when you eat until the food enters your stomach. 

You might be surprised to learn that digestion starts before you’ve even taken a bite of food! The sight, taste, or even just the thought of food, can trigger your mouth to start salivating. Once you begin eating, this saliva mixes with the food to break it down. This makes it easier for your body to absorb. Making sure you take time to chew your food properly is an important part of this process. The food then moves down your esophagus into your stomach. It passes through a valve called the lower esophageal sphincter muscle and enters your stomach. The LES then closes to stop the food from going back up and causing reflux (in a healthy digestive system). 

High Stomach Acid Isn’t the Problem!

The food that enters your stomach is mixed with acid and enzymes. These work hard to break down the food. And this is where acid reflux, gas, and bloating can occur. Although many people think acid reflux is caused by excess stomach acid, it’s most commonly caused by low stomach acid. And this is at the forefront of the connection between acid reflux and flatulence. 

What Happens When Stomach Acid is Too Low

  1. your lower esophageal sphincter muscles stops closing properly after the food passes through into your stomach,
  2. this food (which has been mixed with acid) seeps through and goes back up your esophagus causing acid reflux. 

In addition, your digestion becomes sluggish. As there isn’t enough acid to help break down the food once it hits your stomach. So it sits there for longer than it should and fermentation sets in, which leads to gas and bloating. This bloating can then put extra pressure on your LES making it open even more. And guess what this causes? More acid reflux! So as you can see, there’s a very strong connection between the two! 

If you suffer from acid reflux, bloating, and other symptoms such as heartburn and indigestion more than twice weekly, then it’s very likely that you have a problem with low stomach acid which may cause GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease).  

Heartburn Relief KitResolve Your Acid Reflux and Bloating With The Heartburn Relief Kit

The best way to resolve these symptoms is to tackle the root cause. Your lower esophageal sphincter muscle isn’t closing properly as a result of insufficient stomach acid. We have developed a treatment plan to increase your stomach acidity. This will completely resolve your acid reflux in 100-120 days. Which should eliminate any gas and bloating associated with this problem.

The Heartburn Relief Kit also contains a digestive enzyme to further help to improve your digestion. If you are having severe issues with gas and bloating, you can also use the Digestive Aid to top up your gut with extra digestive enzymes to make sure your food is getting digested optimally. 

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