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How Dora Quit PPIs and Resolved Her Acid Reflux

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If you suffer from acid reflux, you’ll know that the road to relief can be long and arduous, with many hurdles along the way. However, the important thing to know is that it IS possible. Our client Dora, 62, has been battling acid reflux for over a decade before starting our Heartburn Relief Kit program, and now not only has relief but finally feels free from a condition that controlled her life in so many ways for far too long. 

Dora’s Journey Begins

Dora spent 15 years struggling with the symptoms of acid reflux, which she describes as unbearable at times. There wasn’t a day that she didn’t suffer from one issue or another, so much so that it eventually became her “normal”. These symptoms such as daily heartburn and regurgitation dictated her entire life. Living in daily fear and discomfort, she had to think about what she could eat and when she could eat, no longer enjoyed her meals, and rarely got a good night’s sleep. 

It ran my whole life before RI (Reflux Inhibitor). What I ate, how much I ate, when I ate. How I slept. What I drank.”

Finding the Right Treatment

Like many who suffer from acid reflux, Dora relied on medications such as PPIs and antacids for relief for many years. She had been on PPIs for an extended period, resorting to rolaids when necessary. Eventually, her doctor prescribed Dexilant, which, although effective, caused her to worry about the potential long-term side effects. It was at this point that Dora decided it was time to look at other options and came across our team at Terra Health Essentials.

Transitioning Off PPIs to the Heartburn Relief Kit

Dora’s transition away from PPIs definitely had its challenges, but her sheer determination and extensive research on the risks of staying on a PPI long term kept her focused on her goal. Another key motivator was that she’d seen her brother and son undergo the Nissen Wrap surgery, which she was keen to avoid. She tells us that prayer played a significant role in her healing process, keeping her focused and optimistic.

The Six-Week Milestone

Around the six-week mark of using the Heartburn Relief Kit, Dora began to notice significant improvements in her condition. This was the turning point that really spurred her on and gave her the motivation to continue with the program. 

I really saw marked improvement around 6 weeks.”

We regularly advise clients to at least wait until the 6 week mark before deciding on the success of the program for them, as this is usually the period when they begin to see noticeable improvements. 

Finally Free from Acid Reflux

Today, Dora’s acid reflux is a thing of the past. She describes herself as feeling amazing and free from the constant fear that once plagued her. She can finally enjoy her food again and even indulge in an occasional glass of wine, something she had long given up on.

“My acid reflux is basically gone. I feel amazing and I no longer have constant fear while I figure out how to eat. I now will have a good steak at supper time. I may occasionally take 1 RI (Reflux Inhibitor) to be safe if I am eating later than normal but it is mostly just to be safe.”

Moving Forward and Dora’s Advice for Others

As Dora reflected on the years of pain and suffering she endured, she expressed her gratitude for the newfound freedom she has gained through finding the Heartburn Relief Kit. She encourages others not to lose hope and to stay committed to their journey towards relief and healing.

“Be patient and persistent. The results are worth the effort, and there is true freedom in the final outcome.”

Dora would also like to share some helpful tips for others that have eased her symptoms along the way.:

  • Use an elevated bed to sleep better at night.
  • Put liquid aloe in water for heartburn relief.
  • Avoid eating after 6.30pm.
  • Eliminate soda from your diet.

It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Dora about her experience and her story really is a testament to the power of determination, positivity, and finding the right solution for you. We hope her journey makes you feel less alone in dealing with your acid reflux and inspires you to make the changes you need to make to start living a life free from these debilitating symptoms. No-one would suffer unnecessarily. You deserve to live a happy, pain-free, and fulfilling life. And we’d like to help you make that happen.

“I was in pain for so many years. I will always be thankful for the incredible freedom I have because of this product..”


If you’d like to learn more about the Heartburn Relief Kit or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in the comments and we’ll be happy to help!

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